Our biggest institutions are blocking us from pursuing a good American life

Gay pride flag against modern background in San Francisco

Now who was one of the biggest funders of the Black Lives Matter movement? The insurance companies. They refused to pay their own clients’ claims for their damaged property while at the same time they were making that damage more likely by funding the movement that was causing it.

The best example, of course, is Jeff Bezos, one of the largest funders of the Black Lives Matter movement, to the tune of millions of dollars. Now who benefits most when small businesses on Main Street are destroyed? Who wants to see their competitors unable to deliver goods and services to people so they get it delivered in the Amazon box? Jeff Bezos. There is a direct connection between woke capital and the plunder that’s happening in our society today. The people who are invested in destroying America via our corporate class are also getting rich from it. This is an important piece of the puzzle to understand.

Fighting Woke Capital

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