North Korea defector criticizes Gwen Berry, calls her ‘spoiled’

However, Park — who says she was also sold into slavery — disagreed with the two-time Olympic-qualifying hammer thrower. 

“The fact that she’s complaining about this country, the most tolerant country, she doesn’t really understand history,” she said. 

“I was a slave … I was sold in China in 2007 as a child at 13 years old. The people actually called slavery under Chinese Communist Party in North Korea. There is actual injustice.” 

Park added that there are “people dying to come to America at this very moment” and Berry is taking her freedom for granted. 

“I just hope they go to North Korea, China and see how humans are being oppressed,” Park said, referring to people who criticize the US. 

“And they will truly understand how valuable the freedom that we have is.”

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