Following the Junk Science

Just some observations of the rampant bull crap in a year of lies, corruption and Marxist aggression

  • 15 days to stop the spread (more than a year later)
  • Joe Biden(in the late stages of dementia) getting 81 million votes
  • COVID vaccines get released (right after) a phony presidential election
  • The fools in Congress (both Democrats and Republicans) fully vaccinated yet social distancing and wearing masks
  • Black people are more susceptible to the Coronavirus but Black Lives Matter race riots are allowed and perfectly acceptable
  • A year of destroying Federal Property are “peaceful protests” but patriots walking into the Capital building to protest a stolen Presidential election is an insurrection attempting to overthrow the Government
  • Children immune to the China Flu have to wear masks in schools but adults who are more susceptible to the virus can eat in restaurants without masks
  • For one year and still going you cannot have a funeral to bury your loved ones but George Floyd can have three and a parade
  • Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, wear two masks – how the hell does the CDC not know definitively if wearing  mask reduces the chances of getting an infectious disease or not?
  • People wearing masks outdoors
  • Healthy people being asked to quarantine for over a year

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