Censorship: A Personal Story -by Bill Warner

I find the biggest shift of thought in my 80 years of life is censorship. I want to share with you my personal experiences.

I have spoken as an expert on Political Islam in the US, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovakia, Kosovo, Poland, and Israel. I have spoken in the Danish Parliament and the German Bundestag. I have advised European Parliament members, politicians, heads of intelligence agencies and a future prime minister. I prepared white papers on Political Islam for the FBI.

Let me clarify my methodology. All Islamic political and religious doctrine is found in 3 texts – Koran, traditions of Mohammed (Hadith) and life of Mohammed (the Sira). The only ideas that I speak about come from Allah and Mohammed. Political Islam is the part of Islamic doctrine that deals with the non-Muslim, the Kafir. Oddly enough, more Islamic doctrinal text is devoted to politics than religion.

My books sold like crazy. I was selling books by the tens of thousands.  My Sharia Law for Non-Muslims was a #1 best seller on Islamic law on Amazon. My video “Why We Are Afraid” had millions of views on YouTube. YouTube contacted me and assigned a staff member to me to teach me how to make better videos. When you Googled “political Islam” my work filled the first 4 screens. It is impossible to dominate a topic to that degree, but I did it. What made it possible was the fact that I defined and popularized the term “Political Islam.”  Offers to lecture and for print and internet interviews poured in.

But a storm cloud appeared on the horizon. The Tennessean newspaper put out a Sunday front page article which said that I was an anti-Muslim bigot and a hater. This was followed by several other attack pieces. An organization called the SPLC, Southern Poverty Law Center, (the SPLC is not a civil rights group, is not southern, is not poor and is not a law center) declared that I was one of the biggest bigots in the US. Indeed, the SPLC said Nashville was a hate city because I live here.

Then the media tornado hit. Media Matters, a George Soros funded leftist group, had a meeting in Florida. The SPLC was the centerpiece presenter said that people such as me should be driven out of business. My #1 best seller on Amazon disappeared, YouTube deleted my 8 million view “Why We Are Afraid” video. My videos were demonetized. Master Card said I could not use their logo. PayPal canceled my account. Face Book shadow banned me. Twitter shadow banned me. (Shadow banning is the censoring method of posting an entry, but not letting your fans know you have posted.) The latest insult is that the company who handles my mailing list has started to freeze accounts because of their clients’ politics.  Then, they destroy their mailing list. Go Daddy, my web site domain registrar began to freeze organizations without notice. As a result, I must be prepared to have the same done to me and prepare disaster procedures.

But this attack was not personal. Anyone who speaks on the topic of Islam in any factual way is accused of being a racist, hater, bigot and Islamophobe. We are banned and attacked.

There is one lie about my work which angers me. I am called anti-Muslim. I have written over a dozen books, made hundreds of videos, written many newsletters, and I challenge anyone to find a single sentence where I have spoken ill of any Muslim, including Mohammed. My methodology is to show how Islamic doctrine drives the actions and thoughts of Muslims. I address ideas, words on paper. Muslims are people and I do not malign, ridicule or criticize them. Now, I will speak harshly about non-Muslims who support and defend Islam. Islam is a complete civilization, a culture, a religion and a political system.  I do not lecture or write about the religion of Islam but deal only with the doctrine of Political Islam.

I gave a talk at Vanderbilt University on “A Statistical Analysis of Islam’s Foundational Texts,” a sound academic topic. When I finished my talk, a man stood up in the back of the room and began shouting at the top of his lungs. He said that I was a racist and should never be allowed to speak in any college. Note: he did not criticize anything I had said, but only screamed that I was a racist. It is not that I am wrong, but I am immoral. I am not stupid and wrong; I am a racist bigot. The man was a professor who taught about the religion of Islam in the Arabic and Islamic Studies Department.

He got his wish. Today no one is allowed to speak on any campus about political Islam. If you tried to bring me to a university, there would be riots and demonstrations. Campuses no longer deal in critical thought, but indoctrination.

Facts are no longer the bedrock of reason in many cases. A woman was taken to an EU court for hate speech.  She had offended a Muslim for making a factual statement about Islam. But in the EU court, it was ruled that the words may be factual, but if they offended a protected class, in this case Muslims, the speaker should be fined.

All of this bothers me, not about being personally abused, but that increasingly facts and critical thought are not the foundation of our civilization. Screaming, insults, persecution of opponents, and hatred are used instead of discussion and debate. And worse, we are being trained to self-censor, the ultimate censorship.

Censorship is totalitarian, and today it attacks what are called conservatives and libertarians.  However, once censorship is in place, the day will come when the sword will cut the other way.

I take a certain pride that the largest and most powerful companies in the world: Google, You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Mastercard, PayPal, Go Daddy, SPLC and Mail Chimp, find my ideas irrefutable and believe that I am a nail that must be driven down. They cannot debate me, so I must be attacked. If you judge a man by his enemies, and I do, I am a magnificent success.

All it takes for evil to succeed is the silence of good people. I will not be silent.


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