Big Tech Totalitarianism

The situation right now is serious.

Late last year when I was having a discussion about bringing in the New Year, I was saying that I don’t know why people are waiting for the New Year to roll in because 2021 is going to be

worse than 2020.

I have already been proven right.

There wasn’t a peaceful transition to the Trump administration in 2017 and there will not be a peaceful transition to a fraudulent Biden administration going into 2021.

How could there be? When you steal an election through rampant voter fraud, you have already sown the seeds of discontent, resentment and alienation. The majority of Americans that voted

had their right to vote cancelled through the color revolution we are living through.

In 2020 we have watched, witnessed and experienced the greatest abuse of Civil Rights since slavery.

And now they cannot even talk about it online.

The attempted purge and cancellation of “MAGA” world that is taking place right now will not only “NOT” work but it will backfire 10 fold!

Recent moves by “Big Communist Tech” companies is a very serious issue. The behavior of these tech giants should have been dealt with a long time ago but because of people being bought and

paid for (think people like Mike Lee from Utah) the situation has reached a critical point.

Does “Big Tech” think that they are really going to cancel the ability of 75 million or so American’s to voice their opinions online? Or share information about a fraudulent election? Or

communicate with one another?

Let me speak a few minutes specifically about Parler. What is happening to Parler is a cause for both alarm and action by every single freedom loving American. Especially our elected


Speaking from personal experience the reason that I am on Parler is simply because of the fact that on twitter, as a patriotic American who supported my President, I was constantly banged

out by anti-Trump bots acting as fake fact checkers and the victim of selective harrassment and discrimination based merely on my opinions.

If twitter had stayed true to what it was initially – a free speech platform for sharing stories, opinions, comment and information – I and millions of other Americans would still be using

the platform. But Americans should not have to use a platform where they are forced to have one had tied behind their backs while the company culture itself is based on attacking Americans.

President Donald J Trump was banned from twitter but terrorists and Communist dictators are free to do and say what they want? This is sick.

There is no proportionate balance to how twitter operates – it is purely ideological.

For example yesterday “Hang Mike Pence” was able to trend but if someone were to try to trend “Hang Barack Obama” they would be immediately banged off and suspended from the platform – even

though the two statesments are the exact same things from a language and speech standpoint. But because one furthers the aim of the Marxists one is acceptable but the other is not.

The reason people left twitter for Parler is because they want to be able to speak and write freely without being shadow banned, harrassed and attacked.

The coordinated efforts between facebook, twitter, apple and amazon to shut down Parler should horrify the shit out of anyone that believes in free speech and wants to live in a free


I am calling on every single member of every single level of Government to get into the fight here and stand up for the first Amendment rights of “ALL AMERICANS.”

It is time now to mobilize to stand up to the Big Tech giants. With a one party Marxist rule coming into Washington it may be too late, maybe we are already living in a totalitarian society

where we will only be allowed to have one correct opinion and idea.

We will soon find out.

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